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Transience Auction

All things in life are impermanent, transient, constantly changing. My art-making process is unpredictable, the artwork emerging through its own journey, shifting from one layer to the next. At some point in this evolution, it will make a connection with its new caretaker and become theirs. Until then, it will continue to evolve.

Rai is my current transient painting on offer, existing in this current form only until the timer runs out. If Rai speaks to you, scroll down to make your best offer on her today.

If that connection with someone isn’t made, Rai will go back on my easel to transition into its next iteration. With this, the Transience Collection continues.

Rai has been likened to a stormy sea and the beginning of the universe. Layers of thick texture, moody dramatic colour and metallic highlights make this piece a real conversation starter.

Measuring 75x75cm, mixed media on 2cm thick birch panel, varnished, signed and ready to hang. This artwork weighs almost 4.4kg in weight, so will need a sturdy screw in the wall.

Full price £395.

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Please note, if you live outside the UK, the offer you make does NOT include shipping. An accurate quote will be provided but could be a maximum of 120 USD depending on where you live.

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