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About Me

I've always found art to be an escape from an anxiety-inducing world. From the moment I could hold a crayon, I explored my childhood world and processed my feelings through every medium and artform I could lay my hands on.

I began incorporating texture in my mixed media artwork in secondary school, excited by the prospect of bringing a three-dimensional aspect to my canvases. Abstracts have always been my main love, finding that non-representational images could convey my rich inner world when realism couldn’t.

After completing my foundation diploma in Art & Design at Bucks New University, I settled on a career in graphic and web design and I currently work for a mental health charity.

I've always been drawn to water and the utter contentment that comes with being by a river or submersed in the ocean. When I began painting professionally in 2015, it was no surprise that it became the main thread in my work, combining two things in life that bring me calm and clarity.

Inspired by aerial photographs of our beautiful world, I use texture, glazes and lots of water in my acrylic abstracts to emulate organic rock formation and the depth and movement of the ocean. Spreading pastes and dripping paint has become a form of meditation, allowing me to develop a slow and mindful creative process.

I live in the beautiful Surrey Hills, England, with my husband and two kids, working from my messy garden studio. My artwork resides in private collections worldwide and my first book ‘Amazing Textures’ has sold in 30 countries.

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