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Would you like to learn how to make your own beautiful textured artwork?


Learn how to make and apply your own texture pastes and elements


Bring your work to life with beautiful fluid paint, glazes & metallics


Discover the secrets to strong compositions & stunning abstract art

Who is this course for?

This pre-recorded, self-paced course is perfect for any artist wanting to learn how to make their own inexpensive texture pastes and bring their artwork to life with beautiful fluid paints, inks and glazes.

The Texture & Flow course includes:

  • 12 modules, including over 90 minutes of video demos

  • A 38 page PDF ebook packed full of step-by-step guides, tips, tricks and links

  • FAQ & up to three support emails answered personally by me!

"Texture & Flow is an amazing course. Clear, well-explained and I couldn't wait to get making my own art!"
Allie, USA

"Caroline's style is unique, no one else is teaching these techniques."
Sally, UK

Texture & Flow Modules:


1: Introduction, tools & materials

2: Choosing and preparing your surfaces

3: Collage materials

4: Texture pastes

5: Special texture pastes

6: Fluid acrylics

7: Glazing & further painting techniques

8: Planning & inspiration

9: Project 1 – Mandala-inspired panoramic artwork

10: Project 2 – Beach seascape

11: Project 3 – Dramatic, galactic-themed artwork

12: Finishing your artwork & FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions
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  • How do I sign up for this course?
    Texture & Flow is hosted on a platform called Thrivecart. When you click BUY NOW on this page, you will be taken to the Thrivecart checkout where you will pay and make an account and password. You will have immediate access to all course materials at
  • Who is this course for?
    Anyone who wants to learn! Both beginners and experienced artists will get a lot from this course. If you want to learn how to combine texture and fluid painting techniques, this course is for you!
  • How long is the course?
    There are over 90 minutes of video content and a 38 page accompanying PDF downloadable ebook. The videos are pre-recorded and the course is self-paced so you can take your time and watch the lessons again and again.
  • What will the materials cost?
    You can get started with the basic materials from your local hardware and budget crafts stores for as little as £25/$30.
  • How long will I have access to the course?
    As long as you want to! The course has lifetime access. 'Lifetime' meaning as long as my business is active.
  • How much is £99 in my currency?
    Please use a currency converter like Xe for an up to date conversion amount, but at current rates, £99 GBP is approximately $128 USD or €115 EUR
  • What languages is the course in?
    The Texture & Flow videos are in English with English Closed Captions. I am able to auto-translate the subtitles into the language of your choice on request. Please contact me before purchase for a sample video to check you are happy with the accuracy of the translation. The ebook is written in English only.
  • Do you do refunds?
    This course represents excellent value for money and teaches techniques no one else is sharing right now, so there are no refunds after registering, all sales are final. Please contact me at before buying if you have any questions, I'm always happy to help :) Please make sure you have read and agree with my Terms of Service below before proceeding.
  • Terms of Service
    By purchasing Texture & Flow, you agree to the following: All sales are final. There will be no refunds. The course you purchase is for your personal and individual use only. You agree not to share your login details with anyone, out of respect for your teacher, fellow participants and your own integrity. You will not display publicly or online, or share in any manner to other parties any part of the class, including the videos. All contents of the class are protected by copyright law. You have high-speed internet access as well as an up-to-date device and web browser to view class content, load pages containing multiple images and videos, with enough bandwidth to be adapted to viewing high resolution video streaming. I am not, under any circumstances, responsible for any incident, injury, loss or damage that may occur to you as you take the course. I advise you to get acquainted with any safety measures that the use of your supplies, tools and materials may require. This course is a paid service delivered online in a password-protected classroom website (ThriveCart). The course contents are composed of text, images, videos, audios and links, all of which are accessible directly from within the classroom site. An email with the login instructions will be sent to you when you register. My paid courses have 'lifetime access'. In this instance, the term 'lifetime' means for as long as my business is active. I am not responsible for any malfunction or interruptions of service on the part of the website hosting platform, login service provider, video hosting platform, social media or your internet provider. I reserve the right to modify or update the contents of the class at anytime. These Terms of Use were last updated on 1st May 2023.

About Me

I have been experimenting with texture for over two decades and when I discovered fluid acrylics in 2016, a whole new world of possibilites opened up before my very eyes.

I believe creativity is invaluable and should be accessible to everyone who wants to give it a go! Come and join me and start making your own texture & flow artwork.

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